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Hartland is a small village in North West Devon close to Hartland Point. Hartland Point is one of the most dramatic spots in North Devon with a rugged coastline, where the coast turns from facing west to facing north. A lighthouse is placed there to warn ships of the area. There was was once an active port at Hartland Quay, but the seas are so strong that the quay was washed away in 1887. There are still a few buildings in the port including a small museum describing its history.

Hartland street
Hartland cliff

Hartland village is inland and attracts visitors who are interested in walking along the beautiful coastline. Speke’s Mill Mouth Waterfall is a site worth seeing, where a stream falls 150 feet onto the beach.

Other nearby villages include Stoke which has 14th Century church with the second highest church tower in Devon, that is used by passing ships as a landmark. Hartland abbey is also nearby which is a 18th Century gothic mansion built on the site of a former monastery.

Hartland Cottages

Hartland sea view
Hartland quay
Hartland quay museum