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Seaton is a small seaside town in East Devon looking onto Lyme Bay, near Axmouth and Beer.

Historically the area where Seaton is now has a long history with a settlement known as Honeyditches dating back possibly as far as 4000 BC and was visited by the Romans and Phoenicians. It was known as Fleet during the Saxon period and the Domesday book but by 1146 it was first referred to as Seaton.

Like a lot of the Devon coastal towns it had a small shipbuilding history, but the town mainly developed during the Victorian era after the new concept of tourism became popular.The majority of the buildings in the town date from this period, but Seaton never over commercialised and retained its dignity.

Unusually for Devon, Seaton has a tramway. This has now become very popular with visitors. The history of the tram is a story in itself, but essentially it is the dedication of one man Claude Lane, who had a vision and was determined to complete it. The tram now runs on a disuesed railway line that was closed by British Rail and is a beautiful 30 min journey goes to Colyford and Colyton, with lovely views, especially for birdlife.

Seaton has that sedate, timeless sort of quality that will always appeal to a large number of visitors.

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